Barns & Historical Restoration

We proudly offer services for historic barn repair, restoration, and renovation. Historic barns serve as an iconic American image and celebrate the people and communities that erected them. Their preservation is key to preserving our American agricultural culture both past and present. They serve as community landmarks and reflect changing practices and advances in building technology.

Whittington Construction has experience in recognizing and repairing structures with methods that pay tribute to past building practices, standards, methods, and building supplies; such as white oak and pine. Let us give you a professional consultation on the condition of your historical barn to include the structural framework, decorative features, past maintenance/repairs, roofing, exterior, and interior.

In addition to preserving our culture identity, restoring/renovating your barn can save on new build costs. Let us repair the historic siding rather than replace with modern artificial, and repair rather than replace historic windows.

Selected Projects Include Historic Belle Grove Plantation Barn in Frederick County, VA and a Barn in Linden, VA Warren County.

Historic Belle Grove Plantation Barn Restoration. 


Major Structural Renovations Using 8' x 12' White Oak Beams. 


Craftsmen working at Historic Belle Grove Barn, VA.

Structural Renovations, Middletown VA.


Whittingon Construction on Job Site. 


Interior Repair/ Restoration.


Historic Barn Structure Linden, VA.


Installing New Structural Beams. 


Stabilizing Structure.